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Executive Coaching, Board Development and Non-Executive Support

Management consultancy and leadership services, specialising in Executive Coaching, Board Development and Non-Executive Support across the Public, Private and Third Sectors.

Executive Coaching

“Coaching is not telling people what to do; it’s giving them a chance to examine what they are doing in light of their intentions.” James Flaherty “Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others”


Executive Coaching takes place in a structured, trusting, specific relationship between a coach and client that is designed to improve performance. It isn't mentoring, counselling, or therapy (although some techniques do overlap), but affords leaders the opportunity to develop new strategies and approaches for dealing with the managerial or performance challenges that often exist in organisations. Bill combines specific training in Executive Coaching and a degree in Psychology with thirty years experience in business (and fifty in life) to provide a constructive and safe environment for personal development - if you would like to find out more about our personalised coaching programs then please get in touch via the contact form on this site.


Non Executive Support

Bill us passionate about the contribution that a good non-executive director can make to an organisation, and recognises the characteristics that combine to provide good fit and a positive engagement. He's also clear that sometimes the recruitment of a non-executive director is not an appropriate step for a particular business or organisation - and happy to advise appropriately. His experience extends across a wide variety of types of organisations and governance structures, and he has worked in all sizes of enterprise (including those backed by venture capital), so if you are thinking of recruiting a non-executive director (or wondering whether you need one) then please get in touch.


Are you an aspiring Non-Executive?

Many executives reach a point in their career where they begin to think about a non-executive future, and it can sometimes seem a mysterious world to the potential new entrant. Having successfully made the journey himself, Bill enjoys providing advice to aspiring non-executive directors on the opportunities and pitfalls of a portfolio career, and is adept in developing strategies for success. If you are interested in a chat about a potential move into the non-executive world then please get in touch.

Board Development

Even the best boards sometimes lose focus to the drumbeat of regular meetings and agendas so it is important that they regularly pause and reflect on how well they are fulfilling their responsibilities. As an experienced executive and non-executive, Bill has successfully worked with a number of organisations in both private and public sectors to assess and develop their board performance and governance structures. This work can be tailored to fit the specific board, but typically involves a period of individual reflection on performance followed by a facilitated board discussion - which leads to specific and measurable action. Bill has experience in a number of alternative governance models, and relies on this and his lifelong interest in people (and their behaviour) to provide an insightful and efficient input. If you would like to find out more about our board development activities then please get in touch.

Resilience and Crisis Management

Over thirty years in business and public service Bill has observed organisational crises unfolding in all sorts of situation - regardless of the quality of risk management. He's also personally experienced the unexpected from within eye of the storm, and well understands the benefit of a fresh and external perspective when events threaten to overtake leadership capacity. He is trained in both Crisis Management and Media skills and available to support you or your organisation regardless of the nature of the issue. Please get in touch.